3 Most Common Topics Young Women Discuss With Gynaecologists

Topics on sexual and reproductive health are often considered taboo by most young women. Unfortunately, it is easy to miss signs of potential health problems if you avoid talking about reproductive health. Fortunately, you can rely on the professional advice of a qualified and reputable gynaecologist. Young women should start seeing a specialist early in their teens even if they feel embarrassed to talk about specific issues. While you can discuss various issues with a gynaecologist, some topics are common among young women. Read More 

3 Home Remedies to Use When Experiencing Painful Menstrual Cramps

That dreaded period of the month might just be a few days away, and you just hope that you won't experience painful cramps like you did last month. Even though most gynaecologists say that period pains vary from one woman to another, painful cramps can sometimes be unbearable. This doesn't mean that's what you should always expect every other month; you can try some remedies at home to ease or prevent painful cramps. Read More 

Maybe Baby: Having Diagnostic OBGYN Laparoscopic Surgeries

For people who have been having significant trouble in conceiving a baby, it may be advisable to have a laparoscopy to get a clear view of what is happening in your body. Here are some of the issues that can be diagnosed via laparoscopy.  Ovarian cysts Ovarian cysts, in particular, polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS, can interfere with the natural release of ovaries as well as causing significant hormone problems. This can also be extremely painful for the patient. Read More