3 Home Remedies to Use When Experiencing Painful Menstrual Cramps

That dreaded period of the month might just be a few days away, and you just hope that you won't experience painful cramps like you did last month. Even though most gynaecologists say that period pains vary from one woman to another, painful cramps can sometimes be unbearable. This doesn't mean that's what you should always expect every other month; you can try some remedies at home to ease or prevent painful cramps. Most home remedies have lasting effects compared to contemporary pain relievers. Here are remedies you could try at home to avoid painful cramps:

Get a Heating Pad

If you are experiencing painful cramps, you can place a heating pad on your abdomen to ease the pain. The heat from the pad opens the arteries, veins, and capillaries, and this helps enhance the blood flow and minimise the pain. If you can't comfortably use a heating pad in the office, you could use the sticking-hot packs since they stick properly and don't cause discomfort when working. Also, bath in warm salt water a week before your period starts. The heat and the magnesium in this solution help ease the cramps. However, consult your gynaecologist to know which hot pads or hot packs you could use and probably how best you could use them.

Do Some Light Jogs

You may think that exercising while experiencing menstrual cramps is a bad idea, but it might be what you need to ease those painful cramps. Exercises, such as light jogs, ease the cramps before the menstrual cycles begin. When you exercise, your body produces endorphins—hormones that help suppress the pain that comes with cramps. Although the body secrets these hormones when you laugh or are excited, the hormone levels increase in your bloodstream when you jog. Jogging once a week before the menses start would help relieve the pain in a big way.

Get Quality Rest

If you don't get quality rest, you disorganise your body systems in some ways and feel the consequences in different ways. When you are always up and running, with no time to rest, your body might respond to this in different ways, especially during menstrual cycles. Most gynaecologists recommend that you get plenty of rest when experiencing menstruation so you could ease the pain that comes with the cramps. Quality sleep or rest doesn't just ease painful cramps, but it also re-energises your body systems.

You could also sometimes massage your abdomen using some essential oils to ease the pain. Nonetheless, if you still experience painful cramps after trying all the home remedies you know, seek help from a gynaecologist.